Magistrate’s Office – 501-5285
Circuit Court Clerk – 501-4767
Traffic Court – 501-4723
Community Corrections Program (CCP) – 501-5181

Where do I go to pay a parking ticket or to talk to someone about it?

Contact the Cashier’s Office, in the Administration Building, Government Center, 4301 East Parham Road, (804) 501-4678.

Who can I call if I am going to be late for traffic court?
Call the general number for the Traffic Court at (804) 501-4723.

I have had a subpoena served against me. What now?
You can call the Circuit Court at (804) 501-4202 or the District Court at (804) 501-4723

How can I find out why I got a subpoena and if I have to come to court?
You can call (804) 501-4218 to obtain this information. You will need to know the defendant’s name, and, if possible, the date of the next hearing. The prosecutors are often in court all day, so please be prepared to leave a message with a phone number where you can be called both before and after 5 p.m.

Please note: If you are charged with an offense, a prosecutor will not speak with you. Have your lawyer contact the prosecutor (Commonwealth’s Attorney).

Do I have to testify at a trial if I don’t want to?
If you are the defendant, you have a right to remain silent, and the judge and jury are not allowed to hold your silence against you. If you are a witness or victim, however, you must testify. If you have concerns about testifying, talk to the prosecutor (Commonwealth’s Attorney) in the case.

What can I do to get legal advice?
Citizens needing private legal advice may phone the Virginia State Bar Lawyer Referral Service at 804-775-0808 or 800-552-7977 or Legal Aid (the Central Virginia Legal Aid Society, Inc.), at 804-648-1012.

If you need to file a criminal complaint, call the police at 804-501-5000.

If you need to file a civil complaint, contact the General District Court’s Civil Division, 804-501-4727.

The County Attorney’s Office for Henrico cannot provide legal advice to citizens.

Why can’t the County Attorney’s Office give me legal advice?
The County Attorney’s Office represents and advises Henrico County as its client. The attorney-client relationship demands that the office carefully guard the legal interests of the county and avoid potential conflicts of interest. Such conflicts could arise when the County’s legal interests are adverse to those of individual citizens.

In addition, the specialized nature of the office’s practice does not lead to the development of expertise in many areas of the law of interest to private citizens. To provide legal advice to persons who are not clients of the office, especially outside of the office’s expertise, would violate the ethical standards of the Virginia State Bar.

How can I get a lawyer if I can’t afford to hire one?
At your arraignment the judge will determine whether your income makes you eligible for a court-appointed attorney.

How do I find out who my court-appointed attorney is?
To get the name of your lawyer you will need to contact the particular court where your case is being heard.

How can I become a justice of the peace?

The justices of the peace were replaced by a magistrate system in 1974.

Where is adult probation located?
Adult probation is on the third floor, 4915 Radford Avenue, Richmond. The phone number is 804-367-6142.

How do I find which courtroom a particular trial will be heard in?
You need to call (804) 501-4218. The receptionist should be able to provide that information, as long as the disposition of the case has been set and the information is available. If the disposition of a case has not yet been set, the receptionist will refer you to a commonwealth’s attorney to explain further.

How can I obtain a dismissal order regarding a General District Court case?
You should contact the clerk of the General District Court at (804) 501-4726.

What happens if I can’t pay all of a fine at once?
The judge may allow you to set up a time payment program, based on your income.

What do I do if I need to pay a court fine that is overdue and has gone to collections?
Please contact the office of Cantor and Cantor at (804) 261-7500.

James River Juvenile Detention Center

Phone: (804) 556-8121
Fax:     (804) 556-8121

Does the James River Juvenile Detention Center have a program that allows kids to be in detention for a few days so that they can see just what it’s like?
No, only juveniles who have been sent there by court order are admitted to detention.

Do you have tours of the James River Juvenile Detention Center for middle-school- and high-school-age youth?
No; however, in the middle schools there is a docent program, which different schools participate in, that allows kids to come as a school group. They basically are taken to the dayroom or multipurpose room and an administrator describes the detention program to them.

At the James River Juvenile Detention Center, who is allowed to visit during visitation?
Only the parents and/or guardians are allowed to visit. Special visits would have to be court ordered and/or approved by the administration.

What are the times and days for visiting residents in the James River Juvenile Detention Center?
Visiting hours are Wednesday evenings from 7 to 8 p.m., and on Sundays from 3:15 to 4:30 p.m.

Are siblings allowed to visit other siblings in detention at the James River Juvenile Detention Center?
No, they are not.

Is our minister allowed to visit my child in the James River Juvenile Detention Center?
Yes, as long as he presents his credentials as identification.

What items are the residents in the James River Juvenile Detention Center allowed to have while being detained?
Residents are not allowed any personal items. They can receive mail and appropriate pictures.

Can youth at the James River Juvenile Detention Center receive cards and letters?
Yes, however, they must go through the postal mail service no drop-offs.

Can kids in the James River Juvenile Detention Center write letters out?
Kids are allowed to write a letter each day of the week, and the detention home furnishes the paper, envelope and stamp.

Are the youth in detention in the James River Juvenile Detention Center allowed to wear their own clothes?
No. They shower upon arrival and are given detention-home clothes to wear. However, they are allowed to wear their own tennis shoes if desired.

Do youth in detention in the James River Juvenile Detention Center need any toiletries while there?
No, everything is furnished for all youth detained.

How do kids go to school while in the James River Juvenile Detention Center?
There are certified/specialized detention-home teachers who teach all kids placed in detention and work with the school guidance counselors in obtaining school assignments.

Do the kids in the James River Juvenile Detention Center receive a evening snack?
Yes, all kids are offered snacks furnished by detention. Those who are eligible at the level of purchasing snacks from snack machine are allowed to do so under the supervision of a detention counselor.

Are kids in the James River Juvenile Detention Center allowed to make or receive phone calls?
No calls may be received. Once they reach a certain level, the kids are allowed to make up to two phone calls home per week.

How can I find out what date my child is being released from the James River Juvenile Detention Center?
Please contact the superintendent (804-556-4081) or assistant superintendent (804-556-3846 or 804-556-8178).