Henrico County Office of Emergency Management (HOEM) has developed these templates to help State licensed facilities meet the requirement for developing Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans (CEMP). The State of Virginia requires the plans to get a license.

The plans should address staff responsibility and facility readiness with respect to emergency evacuation and shelter-in-place. The plan, which shall be developed in consultation with local or state authorities addresses the most likely to occur emergency scenario or scenarios specific to the locality. These templates will help facilities meet the requirements set forth by the state.

Henrico County Office of Emergency Management is available to review these plans, however HOEM does not serve as a ratifying or approval agency for the plans. The purpose of the template is to assist providers in the development of their plans to be in compliance with regulations.

Emergency Planning Templates
Short Term Child Day Center (PDF)

Family Day Home (PDF)

Religious Exempt Child Day Center (PDF)

Certified Preschools (PDF)

Voluntary Registered (PDF)

Child Day Care Center (PDF)

Licensed Child-Placing Agency (PDF)

Foster Care (PDF)

Adult Care Centers (PDF)

General Business Emergency Action Plan (may take a few minutes to load)

Long Term Care Facilities (Nursing Homes)


More Emergency planning information to ensure your business is prepared for emergencies.

You may use our templates as a guide or create your own emergency plan for your facility.

Completed plans can be submitted electronically to the emergency manager for review.