Who is responsible for your career?


  • What are you doing about it?
  • Have you identified your career interests, values and skills?
  • With whom can you consult on your career development?
  • What strategies work for building skills and gaining experience?
  • How can you get more out of your current job?
  • How can you prepare for tomorrow’s job market?

Henrico County’s Career Enrichment Program provides personalized career consulting to help you develop in your career! You can learn more about your interests, values and skills through inventories available through the Program. This information will help you to develop both your short and long-term career plan. You can also learn how to develop your skills to enhance your job satisfaction, make a greater contribution to your Department, and to Henrico County. If you are considering a job change, we can help you understand how your skills can be transferred to other positions and assist you in developing your resume and Interview preparation.

While career development is your responsibility, the Career Enrichment Program offers tools, resources and guidance to assist you in your career here at Henrico County.

Through workshops, self-assessment materials, referrals and career counseling, you can enrich your current job and better prepare for the demands of tomorrow’s workforce.

To view the Career Enrichment Program abstract, click here.

For more information, contact Employee Development & Training 501-7209 or sch09@co.henrico.va.us.

Resources for Henrico County General Government Employees

  • Ongoing one-on-one career counseling services.
  • Self-assessment instruments.
  • A career enrichment library of videotapes, self-improvement guides and “how to” books.


The Career Enrichment Program vision is for all employees to have careers that provide opportunities for growth, challenge, variety and accomplishment.


The Career Enrichment Program mission is to provide career coaching, education, and resources that enhance individual careers and contribute to the growth of the organization.