The Equal Employment Opportunity Committee, or EEO Committee, is responsible for reviewing the EEO plan, Appendix B in the Rules & Regulations, and recommending changes, reviewing the implementation of the EEO plan to ensure equal opportunities are maintained for all employees and applicants, making an annual report to the County Manager, and assisting the Director of Human Resources with interpreting the EEO plan to management, employees, and the community. If you have any EEO questions or concerns, you may contact any member of the committee; or get more information by accessing an electronic copy of the Personnel Rules and Regulations.

Black History Month

She Did It First: Celebrating African-American Women Who Made History

Black History Month, also referred to as African American History Month, is observed every February. With origins dating back to the 1920s, this month observes the rich heritage and contributions of African Americans. The Equal Employment Opportunity Committee’s focus this month is She Did It First: Celebrating African-American Women Who Made History.

The EEO Committee invites you to visit the bulletin board in the main lobby of the County Administration Building to learn more about several African-American women who were “first” to reach notable achievements in areas such as government, diplomacy, the military, science, medicine, sports, and literature.

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For Black History Month tributes from previous years, see below:

2013 - 2014 EEO Committee
The 2013-2014 EEO Committee, from left to right: Front row – Major Humberto Cardounel, Jr., Bridget Cease, Faye Owhin, Joyce Aikor-Richardson, Paula Reid, and Pam Kempf
Back row – Grant Guigou, Lamont Johnson, Amir Balakhanlou, Bentley Chan, and Diana Vargas
Not pictured – Lee Ann Anderson, William Poston, and Tarsha Thompson


Paula G. Reid (Chair) Human Resources
Joyce Aikor-Richardson Internal Audit
Amir E. Balakhanlou Permit Center
Humberto I. Cardounel, Jr. Police
Bentley P. Chan Public Utilities
Lamont A. Johnson Public Works
Pam Kempf Recreation & Parks
Faye C. Owhin Social Services
William G. Poston Fire
Diana Vargas Finance


Lee Ann Anderson County Attorney’s Office
Bridget J. Cease Human Resources
Grant A. Guigou Human Resources
Tarsha L. Thompson Human Resources

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