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March Madness Exerball Tournament

This year’s Human Resources Fitness and Wellness Division’s March Fitness Challenge is the Henrico County March Madness Exerball Tournament! As you are aware, basketball is a challenging team effort sport where one team is trying to outscore their opponent. Well, similar to how basketball functions, this “Exerball” tournament will include a similar scoring system yet based on exercise and wellness (there are no real basketball games). This challenge includes teamwork through team-building activities, constant communication, motivation, continuing education, community engagement, exercise, and various health and fitness aspects. So instead of “shooting baskets” for scoring, you will be involved in exercise and wellness activities. Therefore, everyone is welcome to join a team and play despite fitness level!

Watch the teams advance on the bracket system for a chance to play in the live head-to-head finals championship game on April 4!
For complete details please see the flyer and tournament instructions below. Once your team is ready, turn-in the sign-up sheet by March 6 and then start filling out your score cards on March 10!

Monument Avenue 10K

Join Team Henrico in the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K on Saturday, March 29, 2014. The county is covering the registration fee for permanent employees* who are interested in representing the county in this annual Richmond tradition. All levels of running, jogging, and walking ability are welcome to participate. (*Eligible participants must be permanent employees, part-time or full-time, with general government or HCPS. Temporary, seasonal or contracted vendors are not eligible to join in on this event.)

Six Sessions in Six Months to Reduce Your Diabetes Risk

Every day we make choices affecting our health and wellness. If you are at risk for diabetes, making the right choices becomes even more important. Over six months, we hope to help you learn to make the best choices possible for you and your family to be heathy and active. For more information on the classes and how to register, view this flyer.

Henrico F.I.T.T. Club

(Focused, Informed, Team Training)

The Department of Human Resources’ Fitness & Wellness Division announces a new social fitness campaign!

Teams of employees will work together to create the dedication needed to achieve individual health goals. Initially each team will be created by two people (i.e. the team captains). The team captains will be able to add co-workers to their team each month of the campaign. Team members will set goals and share achievements with their team captains and the Fitness & Wellness Division.

Who will be winners? The Fitness & Wellness Division will recognize teams each month of the campaign. Possible recognition could include the most hours spent exercising or most weight lost in a month. With team captain encouragement, all teams and team members are sure to win the best prize possible: improved health! Accomplish your health and fitness goals by registering for Henrico F.I.T.T. Club!

Registration begins on June 1, 2013.

NOTE: The Assumption of Risk Waiver must be completed before participation in any fitness classes, fitness training, or programs.

Wellness Programs from Optima EAP

The County offers self-guided programs through its Employee Assistance Program, Optima EAP. Each program offers a unique package of materials to help you reach fitness and wellness goals. The packages include items like DVDs, written information, and a detailed program to achieve success in your chosen program. Topics include, but are not limited to: Smoking Cessation; Yoga; Heart Health; Healthy Eating and Weight Management; and Back Pain Prevention. These programs are free and you can order as many different programs as you like! To get more information, please visit the Employee Assistance Program Web page.

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