Executive Director
Michael D. O’Connor, LCSW
Clinical & Prevention Services
Division Director
Laura S. Totty, MS

Youth & Family Services

Carolyn Arthur

Adult Recovery Services and Charles City/New Kent
Mental Health Services


Daniel Rigsby

Emergency Services

Richard A. Edelman

Prevention Services

Patricia Hill

Mental Health Outpatient, Substance Abuse
and Jail Services

Stacy Hamilton

Quality Assurance and Access Services

Debra Bernard


Community Support Services
Division Director
Michelle Johnson, LCSW

Community and Residential
Resource Team

Mary Beth Schutte

Community Support Teams

Beth B. Tetrault

Employment & Day Services

Shirley A. Lyons

Infant & Toddlers

Bernita Sykes

Quality Assurance Manager

Yvonne Russell


Administrative & Financial Services
Division Director
Lynn A. Goodale, CCM

Financial Management

Marty Shephard, CPA

Client Accounts & Provider Services

Mary Ann Johnson

Facilities Management

Serina Nadal

Employee/Consumer Affairs

Judith A. Beitzel

Information Services

Melissa Unruh