Police_Business_Watch_1 The Henrico County Police Division provides support to business owners to help them develop, promote, and operate a safe work environment.  The Division assigns Community Officers to specific areas throughout the County.  These Community Officers are familiar with each area’s unique crime prevention needs and can help you with any of the services listed below.

Our specially trained Officers and Crime Prevention Professionals provide at no cost:

  • Crime prevention information designed to meet the needs of your business or organization;
  • Workplace violence prevention information to help you prevent or reduce opportunities for violence in the workplace;
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) information and FREE Security Surveys to ensure that your business incorporates proven CPTED principles to enhance safety and reduce crime in your business environment;
  • FREE Security Lighting Surveys to ensure that your business environment is illuminated properly, which helps prevent crime and enhance security in and around your business; and
  • Homeland Security information to facilitate your organization’s development of an emergency response plan.

Police_Business_Watch_2In addition, The County of Henrico provides an online, Public Crime Data Access database that lists Calls for Service, Incident Crime Reports, and Arrest Reports.  This information may help you research, gather, and assess the information to determine which crime prevention services best suit your needs. To see the Public Crime Data Access click here.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with your Community Officer, call (804) 501-4838 or write to: business@henricopolice.org.