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Henrico County Law Enforcement Explorers

(Running time: 16 minutes)

Join HCTV as we introduce you to law enforcement through the eyes of explorers. Dedicated to helping young adults prepare for a career in law enforcement, this program is full of exciting challenges that promote character development and good citizenship. Watch and learn alongside Henrico’s youth as they take part in authentic hands-on crime fighting techniques taught to them by Henrico’s Division of Police.

In the Hot Zone: Henrico’s Hazardous Incident Team

(Running time: 24 minutes)

Henrico’s Hazardous Incident Team is ready to respond to any chemical, fuel or biological release that threatens the health and safety of Central Virginia residents. The highly-skilled firefighters at Henrico’s Station 21 rely on their training and experience to respond to any HAZMAT situation. Join HCTV as we learn more about this specialized unit and its unprecedented reputation throughout our region.

SWAT: Henrico’s Special Weapons And Tactics Team

(Running time: 19 minutes)

Police officers put their lives on the line every day to serve and protect Henrico County residents. And sometimes, when the situation is complex, the stakes are high and lives are in danger, it’s time to call in the SWAT team. Unified action and perfect precision are paramount to its successful operations, and team members must be ready to engage at a moment’s notice. Join HCTV as we follow this elite, highly-trained, Special Weapons and Tactics team.

Larger than Life: Captain John Cussons (1838-1912)

(Running time: 23 minutes)

With a life that spanned from his native England to the American frontier and ultimately Henrico County, John Cussons left us with a colorful image of his spirited adventures and brash personality. But what do we really know about him? Is it possible to separate the truth from the fiction? The man from the legend? Join HCTV as we learn about the fearless pioneer in Larger than Life: Captain John Cussons (1838-1912).

From the Ground Up: Henrico County GIS

(Running time: 16 minutes)

Since 1997, the Geographic Information System — or GIS — has continued to evolve and assist an increasing number of Henrico residents and internal agencies. This complex, computerized, geographic database assists everyone from 911 communication officers dispatching emergency responders to residents accessing a free, public parcel viewer. Join HCTV as we look inside GIS and its many cutting edge applications.

Inside Henrico: Winter 2014 Edition

(Running time: 16 minutes)

This edition of Inside Henrico feature packages include:

  • New Police Substation at Virginia Center
  • America’s Four Star Libraries
  • Veterans’ Center
  • Fire Dispatching Tiers
  • Project Lifesaver

From Stuffing to Starving: Dealing with Eating Disorders

(Running time: 22 minutes)

From anorexia to binging, eating disorders are life-threatening illnesses that impact the mental and physical health of millions each year. The fear and avoidance of eating, inability to control eating and purging after eating can cause damage to every major organ in the body. Join HCTV as we hear the stories of several people who have battled eating disorders and learn how they found help.

Eyes on the Future: Henrico’s Planning Department

(Running time: 17 minutes)

Henrico’s quality development, managed growth and balanced mix of commercial and residential property is no accident. The Planning Department’s professional team of experienced, talented staff imagines how the landscape of the county will look years into the future, often relying on lessons of the past and future trends to guide them. Join HCTV as we examine the Planning Department’s processes and principles as they develop a vision for Henrico’s future growth.


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