Current Public Health Topics

Note: Most of these are in PDF format.

TB Resources
TB Frequently Asked Information


Rabies Resources
Rabies Information


Pertussis Resources
Pertussis Testing Guidelines for Private Physicians
Pertussis Lab Test Sensitivities & Specificities
Pertussis General Information


Nursing Home Resources
Disease Control Guidance

Mumps Resources

Mumps summary information for clinicians (Rev. 10/10/06)
Mumps testing guidelines (Rev. 10/3/06)

Seasonal Flu Resources
Virginia Flu Surveillance
Interim Recommendation for Antiviral Treatment 2008-09 Season
CDC Flu Activity and Surveillance
Henrico Nursing Home Flu Guidance

Miscellaneous Resources
Commissioner Letter to Physicians regarding H1N1 Vaccine
Child Deaths from Heat-Related Motor Vehicle Entrapment
Avian Influenza: Criteria for Testing
Arboviral Disease Resources
Guidance for dealing with Tamiflu requests
Jet Fuel Health Effects
Lead Resources
Syphilis Case Definitions
Virginia School Entrance Health Form (MCH-213F) FAQ’s
Recreational Water Illness and Injury Prevention Week 2014 Toolkit 1848gif

Prepare for Disasters Brochures 
Prepare for Disasters: Special Information For Pregnant Women
Prepare for Disasters: Special Information For Families with Infants or Anyone Caring for a Newborn

Emergency Contacts

Toll Free, 24-hr Emergency Paging Service: 1-866-531-3068When rapidly reportable diseases and public health emergencies occur during non-business hours, please contact the health department by using the toll free emergency paging system. This number will contact Keener Communications, who will then contact the staff member on call.Contact Information, Main Office: (804) 501-4522
Normal business hours are from 8:00am to 4:30pm, Mondays through Fridays, excluding State Holidays. Please use this number during normal business hours.

Reportable Disease Contact Information (PDF)